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Here we are now entering the 6th stage of Jumanji, otherwise known as June 2020. June marks an entire month of LGBTQ+ PRIDE month, prior to Covid-19, the murder hornets, a need to remind society that Black Lives Matter and Hallmark’s version of PRIDE through Corporate America pretending they even understand, other than a rainbowContinue reading “PRIDE”


February 8, 2020 It’s anywhere from Concrete by Tom Odell to Maxwell’s This Woman’s Work. Because your life have moments like Love and Basketball because it’s all about RESPECT. But it’s mostly 9 Crimes by Damien Rice or the INTRO by the XX. With the windows rolled down and that bass hitting your soul. It’sContinue reading “RESPECT”

Apparently This Day is Nuts

I’m on a THC induced high in compilation with a dream high. An answer high. As I said, I’m all emotions. It won’t be like that soon. I will have to start making moves. It’s all for a purpose. Funny things happen when you nourish your EndoCannabinoid system with a plant. When you allow yourselfContinue reading “Apparently This Day is Nuts”

I Haven’t Been Following My Own Rules

2-6-2020 I am going to premise this writing that I have no idea where I was this day, but it looks like it will be a wild ride for us. I’ve been frustrated because I have not attempted to meditate because I had the same type of feelings due to an occurance I have hadContinue reading “I Haven’t Been Following My Own Rules”