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Not Needing All the Bells and Whistles

Meditation Day #6 After not being able to finish this meditation, yesterday, I needed to look into the why’s, at a time it was someone else’s timeline. I needed to look into the why’s as to the energy I was receiving. I realized that my own negative quality of overthinking was still making an appearance.IContinue reading “Not Needing All the Bells and Whistles”

Requiem For A Dream

I looked through the glass and there facing me was sliver of moon assuring me everything is happening as it should. The realization that a muse does not always stay the same. The energy of your waves brought a comforting balance. It too was exactly how it should be. Mediation was blocked due to restlessness.Continue reading “Requiem For A Dream”

One Minute Man

Meditation Day #5 I was unable to finish. The strong tingling burn became too much. The feeling of tiny legs crawling on my neck and face became too much. I will keep it short. The creepy crawly bug/bee sensation has to stop during this mediation. It doesn’t happen any other time. I also don’t knowContinue reading “One Minute Man”

The Stars Are A Part of the Universe Too

I promise I’m gonna love you ’til my dying dayWake up, your face in my chestYour favorite hiding placeThe roof is gone as we’re driving out the private gateCounting the stars with our last name on the license plateWhoa, oh, oh, oh Forever-Justin Bieber, Post Malone and Clever It’s rare you find a lyric youContinue reading “The Stars Are A Part of the Universe Too”


Meditation Day #4 The fact that I can’t adjust that size, of that playlist, is really irrelevant to what I am writing today, but it is an annoyance I am feeling, at the moment. I’m pausing before I write to you. I don’t know why. I was hoping it would reveal itself, a we writeContinue reading “Pressures???”

Lost and Found In My Own Translation

Meditation Day #3 It is a completely unfamiliar feeling I am having right now. My physical self is very clear headed and my brain relaxed. When I say relaxed I mean it is a similar feeling to waking up on a winter’s day, in the mountains and taking that first breath at 7 am, grounding.Continue reading “Lost and Found In My Own Translation”

Story #1

I started reading “What Color Is Your Parachute 2020 edition by Richard N. Bolles. If you are not familiar with this book, its one of the All-time 100 Best Non-Fiction Books. It is released with a new edition every year. It is geared towards job-hunters and career changers. However, it also has other purposes andContinue reading “Story #1”