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A Beautiful Calm

There is a beautiful calm to herShe radiates the sunlight comparable to the reflection of her favorite flowerA scary and intense beautiful calmthis girl isMy heart never able to steady just because of her smileThis girl is dangerousbut she is such a beautiful calmShe is beautifulShe is thoughtfulShe is herAnd she is my beautiful calm

Mental Health Is Good Too

I once again find myself taking a walk with the lyrics to a song that is driving the movement in my legs. The destination, being nature, that brings a calm to my soul. I sit near the lake’s edge and the tip of the pen, on the paper writing the words my heart and mind.Continue reading “Mental Health Is Good Too”

And Then It Happened…But Far From Done

The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.The Law of Attraction: The belief that positive or negative thought brings positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.The Golden Rule and the Law of Attraction are one in the same.Your beliefs, are irrelevant to reality because they are just thoughts. Religious orContinue reading “And Then It Happened…But Far From Done”

Tolle Simplified and How I See It

It has been no secret that I am on a spiritual journey to once again, find a relationship with myself. Through this journey of self-discovery I have been taken on a ride similar to taking a raft down Niagara Falls. I have had amazing days and horrible days, but the important aspect, is I amContinue reading “Tolle Simplified and How I See It”


Recently, I have been shown why people struggle with being alone. Present situation, aside. This has nothing to do with quarantine, but more witnessing the suffering from those close to me, acquaintances, strangers, and those around the world. Just like reed, read, read and red, the word lonely with no altered spelling takes on andContinue reading “Alone”