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Weirdo I am trusting and believing more and more every day. Whether it is in the collective universe, in manifestation, spirit, in myself or in you. A puzzle piece fitting in the right place, at random. The right place at the right time. A thought meant to be. I stopping calling my life experiences, weird.Continue reading “Weirdo”

Time To Recognize the Hype

The amount of lessons coming at me all at once have been overwhelming. They have been tests. Prior, I would call them the chaos or the inner workings of my own mind. Now, they are just lessons. I also normally would have test anxiety on paper, so why would lessons or tests be any differentContinue reading “Time To Recognize the Hype”

A Beautiful Calm

There is a beautiful calm to herShe radiates the sunlight comparable to the reflection of her favorite flowerA scary and intense beautiful calmthis girl isMy heart never able to steady just because of her smileThis girl is dangerousbut she is such a beautiful calmShe is beautifulShe is thoughtfulShe is herAnd she is my beautiful calm