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Mental Health Is Good Too

I once again find myself taking a walk with the lyrics to a song that is driving the movement in my legs. The destination, being nature, that brings a calm to my soul. I sit near the lake’s edge and the tip of the pen, on the paper writing the words my heart and mind.Continue reading “Mental Health Is Good Too”

Balancing the Scales

The block that I have had for months has been released. I am able to meditate again. I am calm. Life is good. The chaotic mess I call my thoughts has subsided. The paranoia now non-existent. I live for balance. An equality, in the real world, that is almost impossible. I say that because evenContinue reading “Balancing the Scales”

A Sickness We All Have Inside

If you have been following along, you may have learned, “Life is crazy!” Let us rewind a moment. Five months ago, you heard me say, “I’m crazy!” Somewhere in-between, it became, “My life is crazy” and now in the present moment, “Life is crazy!” I sit here writing to you thinking how grateful I amContinue reading “A Sickness We All Have Inside”


A long overdue thought never said Every day putting out there the love That is only imagined Where is the silence is stronger? The outer world’s or our own soul as it watches from inside The heart and mind Thoughts come and go But the memories with feelings and emotions Is the true vibration LightContinue reading “Moments”

Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands Meaning: A man carries ten wands awkwardly into the night; his back is under strain from the weight he carries. He looks weary but his head is lifted, showing he has not given up and continues with determination. The Tens, the full expression of the suit. You may feel weary and overwhelmedContinue reading “Ten of Wands”