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I am sitting here listening to the music flowing into my ears and facing truths today.

I am thinking about, all of the lessons I have faced in 2020. I am trying to accept, all the healing that has occurred, in my heart, mind and soul. I still need so much work, but who does not? I preach that everything in life needs practice. At the same time, I am never following this path for my ownself.

I am always questioning and overthinking. Instead, I should be thankful for the experiences that have shaped me into the woman I have become. With all of the sadness and unhappiness I have spent years living in. I have come to realize I have been poisoning, my own mindset with negativity. I have lived in a darkness only I can explain because it is my darkness and mine alone. As your darkness would be yours.

It is a space of loneliness, only created within the mind and not through reality. Time is fluid. In theory, there is never a time that is too late. For you, it could be only the beginning of self-discovery. The true meaning of life.

” You can’t rush your healing.”

-Trevor Hall-

For me, I am now realizing I am spending the time, healing a soul I have spent years neglecting. She is awakened.


Published by The Bee Keeper

I am currently on some type of spiritual journey to find and heal myself, in order to operate at my highest and start living my dreams. I am writing this blog through my perspective my own life and mental health. I hope to influence in a way, that someone can relate and hopefully take off some of the emotional burdens we all face.

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